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Your Global Wordsmith offers a range of services that focus on how to use the English language to communicate successfully, including in creative writing. I also help language teachers – L2 as well as L1 - to develop their use of literature in the classroom.

Language Checking

Enquire & submit your document(s) any time

Your Global Wordsmith offers a safe pair of hands for helping to get your valuable document ready. I have a great deal of experience in providing expert professional language checking for all kinds of documents in English. These include doctoral theses, academic articles and books across a broad range of subject areas, as well as commercial, financial and official documents.  I can transform the accuracy and clarity of your writing - and its impact on the reader.

Creative Writing Online

Via Zoom

Do you feel you have unfulfilled potential as a writer? Have you had unrealised ideas for writing?   I can help you to learn how to develop to write more successfully - with greater impact - in whatever type of writing you want to develop, whether short stories or poems, articles - including obituaries - for magazines and newspapers, or more explicitly commercial writing. Much of my knowledge about what creative writing is and how to develop it has come from working through my career with some of the greatest writing in the English language. The principles of successful writing apply to any type of writing and apply to your own.

Literacy through Literature

Via Zoom

Are you an L1 or L2 language teacher or trainee language teacher? Do you agree that literature is the richest and most rewarding linguistic resource we have? Do you feel you lack sufficient competence - and therefore confidence - to make use of this most valuable of resources?  Perhaps you yourself missed out on the focused use of literature in your own schooling?  

But all is not lost. I have helped trainee and practising teachers at the University of Jyväskylä with my course Literature in the Classroom, and I adapt what has been successful for them to help you too to develop your own interest in literature, at the same time as you discover ways to make focused use of it for its life-enhancing benefits for your students.

I am offering a remote – online – course. Arrangements about the number and length of meetings can be made to fit into the participants’ timetables. It’s best to have a number of participants who can share past experiences, and work together to make future hopes a practical reality for yourselves and your students.

University Entrance Assistance

Do you want to study English at University but feel you need help to give yourself the best chance of success in this very competitive field? Based on my wealth of academic experience, I offer expert tuition for students wishing to apply to study English at University. 

Feel free to get in touch - without any obligation to proceed - so we can discuss transforming your personal or academic communications to transform your results.

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