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Your Global Wordsmith is Roger Noël Smith.

I studied English Language and Literature at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. In my professional life I have had experience of both the academic and corporate worlds. My teaching at the University of Jyväskylä included courses that prepared students for professional life, and my work with companies brings many benefits to business from my academic experience. For example, knowledge about how literature creates a powerful  impact can be used to make business communication more successful, while Shakespeare’s knowledge of human nature and in particular of leaders can provide deep, practical and inspiring insights for today’s leaders into their own leadership roles.


Your Global Wordsmith will help you to:

  • Communicate with authority

  • Get your message across persuasively

  • Do better business - get better results - and achieve a better bottom line

  • Gain competitive edge from cultural awareness

  • Teach your personnel the communication skills needed to train employees in another country

  • Learn to communicate persuasively with clients, and when leading or working in teams

  • Present your product with authority

  • Use the techniques of great writers

  • Deepen your understanding of your role as leader

  • Realise your potential


Today’s business teaching in our busy world tends to be lightweight repetition of common concepts. Seminars intended to energise may provide a lot of slides to look at but they don't touch your inner motivation. I have attended Roger’s leadership course and I can truly recommend his mind-changing method using Shakespeare. Roger’s teaching goes deep into your role as a leader. It obliges you to raise your thinking to a new level, transforming your perspective on human behaviour and leadership.

Jouni Hynynen

Team Finland Growth and Internationalisation Coordinator

I have known Roger Noël Smith for 44 years, since he coached me for Oxford entrance. He is a terrifically inspiring teacher, able to change lives as well as teach in the traditional sense. He has a deep appreciation of literature and a fascination with how its lessons can help us become better in our professional lives including as leaders.

Michael Gates

Associate Fellow of Said Business School, University of Oxford

I have known Roger Noël Smith as a colleague for most of the 24 years of his tenure as a Lecturer here are the Department of Languages and Communication at the University of Jyväskylä, where I have been the Head of our section.

He is not only an inspiring teacher of literature, but he has also made a significant contribution by designing courses that are relevant to our students’ future working lives – an important requirement for us in today’s world - such as his ‘English for Professional Life’ and ‘Literature in the Classroom’. For both of these courses he has received excellent feedback. He is continuing to prepare students for working life in his current course ‘Henry V and Macbeth – two studies in leadership’.

I wholeheartedly recommend Roger for teaching of the highest quality that is relevant to working life, engaging and inspiring.

Professor Sirpa Leppänen

Department of Languages and Communication, University of Jyväskylä

Sanoi Seppo Ilmarinen,

itse laatia pakisi:

"Jopa jauhoi uusi sampo,

kirjokansi kiikutteli,

jauhoi purnun puhtehessa:

yhen purnun syötäviä,

toisen jauhoi myötäviä,

kolmannen pi'eltäviä."

Spake the Ilmarinen the smith,
These the words the master uttered:
"Yea, I forged the magic Sampo,
Forged the lid in many colours;
To and fro the lid in rocking
Grinds one measure at the day-dawn,
Grinds a measure fit for eating,
Grinds a second for the market,
Grinds a third one for the store-house."


Kymmenes Runo

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